Monday, January 3, 2011

my first speech after 4 long years!!!!!!!!

Today I entered the school gate after about 2 long years.. some weird feeling was making me under-estimate myself.. but people around In my college said  “u can!!  &  u will!! “ this made me gain my lost confidence last dat moment has come..  I looked around.. found silence all  over & around 1000 people staring at me.. my palms started sweating I close my eyes & started like this………

             “Believing is seeing what ones eyes can’t see..
                         I believed n I achieved..
Like every other student of kindergarten I too entered this strange place with numerous un-answered questions & tears rolling down my cheeks.. little did I knew that these sobs would end in smiles I had in my 10th..
All those 12 years of my school life were a smooth sailing with gods grace.. as days turned to weeks week’s to months n months to years I couldn’t help getting attached to each and everything of this beloved school.. and then when I was in a verge of leaving this institution tears filled my eyes once again at the fact that I share a great bond with this school and have so many fond memories attached to it..
Parting with this place had been more difficult but as the saying goes “all good things have to end” even that “the era of my school life “ too had to come to an end..
   As I walk down the memory lane.. I admit being the most lucky person in st. ann
When I was in my primary classes I was the most unknown n struggling to be known sort of person.. as I suppose 25% of u people out here know me very well in that instance..
I used to cook up stories but my teachers took it upon themselves to instill in me a love for my subjects.. so from an average performer I changed into a honors student
I was made to realize that building a strong character , organizing my life and activities was very necessary and above all they taught me to balance my studies & co-curricular ‘s
So here comes the most memorable moment of my life .. the installation ceremony held on 1st July 2006 the day had finally come when my dreams came true I was officially elected as the “sports captain’’ of the school. I took the oath sports captain badge was given to me n I was honored as my fellow friends placed their trust in me.
‘we’ the cabinet kept our best efforts to make every event a path breaking success.
Right from the very first event “st. ann’s feast “ till the water-mark of all events “sports day” . it had never been ‘I’ or ‘me’  it had always been ‘we’ ; ‘we the cabinet’
It is here that I learnt
Watch your thoughts they become your words..
Watch your words they become your actions..
Watch your actions they become your character..
Watch your character It becomes your destiny…
I think I’ll need  a few more moments to let all my thoughts flow-out .. This school has laid down a good foundation to each and every one of  us . For this reason I’d like to thank almighty god , rev. sr. Theresa ,respective teachers & my family members who have been encouraging me in every step.. & who are the real makers of divya  I extend my gratitude towards my class-mates of 10 B (2006-07) who said “ these 10 B diamonds are with you”  and kept up this promise till the last day of my schooling..
I’d like to suggest my juniors to participate in extra curricular ‘s “TRUST ME!! IT IS NOT A WASTE OF TIME!!!! “ by the end of the year you’ll be in a confusion as to what you have learnt from this school . on the last day when you look back to see this pleasant place you’ll come to know that you have learnt to “be brave in what you stand for”

And who knows.. after a few years you may be in my condition holding this prestigious trophy as tightly as possible .. banging it and yelling out loud.. this is mine!!
It belongs to me!!!!!!!
Finally I’d like to wish my juniors a happy schooling and let me remind you people.. ANNITES ROCK..  keep rocking guys
                                   Thanks a lot .& have a wonderful evening.. J
Gosh!! This day I’ve learnt seriously “TO BE BRAVE IN WHAT I STAND FOR!! “
What a day it was.. I was so tensed that I won’t be able to give the speech previously but there I was.. just like a tigress bold, strong, determined and fearless.. standing in front of so many people alone  & expressing my views graciously…
The fifth biggest memorable moment of my life..
Plz do comment what ever comes to your mind.. good , bad , sensible , senseless , non-sense.       literally    what ever!!


  1. hi..ur speech was asm lyk ur expernsz in d school..evry cms throo d lvlY schul lyf but very rare gets a chans 2 expres deir feelinz n u did dat....three cheerz 4 ur achivment......wish i was 1 of ur junrz lisyng d speech wid drops of satisfactn in ma eyz............

  2. to rare speech any one had heard it with whole heart they take it serious and think of doing like u. dream to be like one day the sports captain of the school...

  3. hm...if u can make atleas 1 to listn 2 ur speech n den think on it den u r successful,.........i bet u r.....